Minimalist in the making

I use #minimalistinthemaking quite a bit on my Instagram, but I’ve really been thinking a lot lately about what this phrase means to me and to my life in the present. It’s true I have come a long way in my journey of minimalism, getting rid of so many articles of clothing, household items that we really weren’t using, and overall just becoming more aware of myself and what’s important to me. But as we all know, life has it’s cycles and seasons of it’s own accord and I’ve found myself a little stuck in the middle. I fell off track with my capsule wardrobe, with tracking and planning my outfits on my @cladwellapp, with making time for things I enjoy such as reading and yoga, and felt a little lost as to how to pick things back up again. The more I put it off, the more I felt resistant to start again and the more frustrated I felt. My closet got messy, and my mind followed suit.

Why do we struggle so much to pick back up where we left off? It’s as if I had been working on a project, and all of a sudden I felt that it was no good, there was no point in carrying on and putting in anymore effort so I crumpled it up and tossed it in the trash.

Who says that instead of getting out a completely new piece of paper and starting with a clean canvas, I can’t walk over to that trash can, pull out that old project and smooth it out again, see it with fresh eyes, and realize that it’s full of potential and promise, and get to work again?

When we are disconnected from our own truths, our ego starts making decisions for us, and we all know how fragile the pride of our ego is. When your feeling stuck, it helps to remember why you started in the first place. So I asked myself, what is it about minimalism that speaks to me? What am I trying to get out of this lifestyle? My answers to these 2 questions were these,

  1. Less but better, the idea that I absolutely love everything I own, and can let go of anything that I don’t.
  2. The consciousness & awareness that happens when you start asking yourself “do I love this?” and how that translates to so much more than your possessions, it brings about a mindfulness.

Reading these answers really helped give me insight & clarity into why minimalism is still important to me, and that it is indeed still a lifestyle that I want to embody. I got so caught up in the way things “should be”, but weren’t, that I let it deter my efforts of starting back up again.



So this is a coming back, a return, an ‘it’s never too late to start again’ moment for me. Hashtag minimalist in the making, that means that I am still working it out for myself on what minimalism looks like for me. So far it means working towards balancing my less vs. more.

I want less time spent on getting dressed, getting ready, doing things that take energy without giving any back, being around people who take energy without giving any back. I want more time and energy to spend with my husband, and our pup Onyx, and great friends. More time spent on healing activities like yoga and meditation, reading, writing, and creating. I want to keep working towards a simple life, of less things and more experiences that bring me joy.


The best way to do this is to start building good habits again, slowly over time. I’m starting with making time for yoga & meditation in the mornings. This means waking up earlier, but with the help of Justin giving me a metaphorical (and sometimes literal) nudge of support I have stuck to my goal this week. It helps me feel grounded and brings me more clarity throughout my day, especially on tough days it’s kept me calm and able to put things in perspective. I am starting again by creating space within myself, and I believe the space in my life will soon follow.


kindly, cara












Is there something you love to do, but haven’t because your too busy? Start by taking stock of where your time & energy is going, is there something there that you know is making you unhappy? The first steps towards change is noticing, and bringing your awareness to what doesn’t feel right.



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