I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to lead a meaningful life;

You must try to dig a little deeper past what is on the surface, and not be afraid to share what you find with others.

I started this blog seeking answers to my pain and suffering, from a chronic illness called M.E. What I got was actually even better than answers, I got questions. Through the art of seeking, I began to live my life more and more consciously. I began to slow down, subtract, and truly get to know myself. All of these elements brought me to found kindlycara.com, a space to collect my thoughts and feelings in order to make sense of my life and the world around me.


‚ÄčI am a Pisces, an HSP, an introvert, a spoonie, a writer, a hairstylist, a wife, a dog mom, a creator, an optimist to the 10th degree, and this is my means of connecting and sharing with others who have bravely decided to live their most authentic lives. I invite you to browse my site, learn about my passions and pitfalls, and explore what excites and interests you about life.


And for anyone else in their own journey of recovery, be it from disease, disorder, unforeseen circumstances, unfortunate events or just the general nature of our human vulnerability, I hope that I can lend some understanding, some empathy and at the very least, kindness.


If you are new to the site, a great place to start is here