good mourning

We all seem to be in this weird space between grief and gratefulness. Just having those words so near each other in a sentence feels odd. But then again the way we all feel right now is odd, it’s uncomfortable, uncertain. We are all trying to hold it together as it simultaneously seems to be falling apart.

We areĀ all searching for peace amidst the chaos. I know you feel it too, just look outside and I bet you will see as I do parents playing with their children in the park, on the swings, and slides and jungle gyms. Families riding bikes together, people walking with their dogs or running alone through the trails. We are all doing our best to navigate what’s going on. Our lives are being rearranged, and shook upside down and still we look for the tiniest glimpses of hope and beauty. Don’t stop looking, don’t stop creating those moments of simple joys. These are the things that will carry us through this.

It’s ok to be scared for your family, and to have never loved them more. It’s ok to know fear, and let laughter dance across your face. It’s ok to feel worry for those out there who don’t have as much as you, and to feel thankful for all that you do have at the same time. It’s ok to mourn for the world we once knew and with the same breath start to think of ways to build a better one. It’s ok to grieve with a grateful heart. It is those same hearts that will see us all through.


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