Do you believe in serendipity? Some call it fate, or luck, while others insist in coincidence. As an over the top optimist, who wears her heart on her sleeve and romanticizes most things in life, it’s no surprise I see the serendipities where others may not. As I’ve been working towards simplifying my life and coming from a space of intentionality, I’ve noticed over and over a multitude of these miracles at work. In the beginning, I had a small fear that as I became more present in reality I might lose some of the magic that comes from imagining how things could be. Instead, my life is now overflowing with magic, and miracles and serendipity and ok I’ll even say a few just plain lucky coincidences. I still dream and imagine, but it comes from a place of intention. I can more easily visualize what I want, and this helps me to move towards it in my small actions day to day. It’s a meeting of big picture & little picture working in cohesion. I’ve been able to slowly change the way I see life itself, the way I see myself, and the way I see situations, and I choose to see the miracles at work there. Actually I don’t just see them, I feel them. I recognize the beauty, or the lesson that comes from each day, and I say thank you.

Justin and I recently made the decision to adopt another dog. Since dog sitting a few times, we realized that our girl Onyx really enjoys having another companion around and it helps with her separation anxiety from us. We talked it over and thought about it for awhile, even longer than we intended to. We simply kept it in the back of our minds, and one day the moment just felt right. So we began looking at the local shelter’s website and imaging what life would look like with a brother or sister for Onyx, as well as another animal in our tiny apartment. There were many things to figure out logistically, but we knew that these wouldn’t hold us back from giving another dog a home. That was the momentum that set us in motion to adopt, we just simply knew that we had the space in our hearts to care for a dog who really needed a home. We had many more uncertainties in the back of our minds, how would Onyx react, can we fit another crate in our living room, how will we manage both of our schedules and two dogs? Yet none of these were strong enough to make us hesitate in our decision. As we knew from so many times of frightening uncertainties in our lives, its always going to feel scary. The important thing is to believe in your reason for doing something in the first place.

So we went to Helping Hounds with a couple dogs in mind that we really wanted to meet, but more importantly open minds and hearts to adopting the dog that was meant for us. We got to see all of the wonderful dogs there, each with their own personalities, and of course felt a small desire to adopt them all. The volunteers there were wonderful, and seemed to sense our heartache and let us know that every dog who has ever come under their care has been adopted, which really did help our hearts to know that. While waiting for the dogs to each come back from their evening walks, we set our eyes on a golden puppy who had kind yet sad eyes. We didn’t recognize her from the pictures online, but were immediately drawn to her. She was walked right by us and back to her kennel, and we followed and began to read her bio. A 10 month old lab mix, rescued from an abusive home. That was hard to read for numerous reasons, but I reminded myself that we were here for a reason. Just like this puppy, our past pain does not define who we are, the important thing was that everything that has ever happened in all of our lives had led us here, to this meeting.

As it turns out the reason we didn’t see her online was that she was brought home by another family just the day before, however given her history of abuse she gets extremely nervous and scared by men, and she felt the need to protect the wife and kids from the husband. So, as hard as I’m sure it was, the family brought her back that afternoon. I am so thankful to that family for doing what was best for this puppy, and I am so amazed that the very same day she was brought back, we walked into the shelter ready to adopt a dog that needed a home. She was scared and exhausted when we met her, and very very shy and submissive when we sat with her and pet her gently. Still, we both immediately knew this dog was meant to join our family, though I was too anxious to get my hopes up, Justin said the words aloud in that room, and we both felt it. The next day he brought Onyx in to meet the new pup, while I was at work and trying desperately to be patient. Alas, I got the phone call I was waiting for, the meeting went better than we could have ever hoped for, the new pup lit up and became a brand new dog around Onyx. Little did Onyx know what she was in for, but she too was quite fond of this funny little fluff ball. That night the three of us went to pick up our new family member, and it has now been a week since we brought her home.

It has been a transition for us all. For the little pup, who we named Girasole, Gira for short, she still needs a lot of training and work on socializing and trusting people. For Onyx, the “big sis” role is still new, but she is doing amazing at teaching the little one the ropes of being a dog. She’s working through some jealousy when it comes to sharing mom and dad, and as a big sister I know that it can be an adjustment, but a worthy one. For Justin and I, we are getting schooled in what it’s like to have another untrained puppy again. We realize how far we’ve come in training Onyx, and we’re using this time as a reminder in patience and compassion above all else. As a foursome, we are all learning and growing together.

This family brings me such joy, and I am so thankful for my resolution of openness, and what it has brought to my life already, and continues to help me through. As for serendipity, I choose to see it here in this story, I choose to see it in little Gira’s eyes when she’s looking at me with her tongue sticking out and tail wagging. I choose to see it when the four of us are all crammed in bed at night, and Justin and I just look at each other and smile. I choose to feel the miracles that transpired to bring this little soul to us. I choose to say thank you, and to keep leaning in to the openness.

Kindly, Cara


P.s. In case you were wondering about the name, Justin chose it and I immediately agreed. It means sunflower; a bringer of light and hope, in Italian.


We’re still learning to share 😉 Onyx on the left, Gira on the right




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  1. Justin Pascual
    January 16, 2019 / 4:48 pm

    You amaze me, in your bravery, in your uncertainty, in your trails and triumph.

    Gira is our sunflower, or rays of hope, love, kindness and proof that there is life after survival.

    Onyx the Great, our rock, our solid foundation for which this family stands and our daily lesson of humbleness.

    You, the lighthouse that guides or way home. Our safe place at the point where rough waters meets calm land, on the brink of chaos and uncertainty, you are who we look towards to keep us whole.

    Finally, the Holy Spirit, without He this family would not exist. Through our Lord’s faith we have become, and will continue to become, a Family.

    I love you all so dearly, so truly, words will never be enough, but I will try my (pretty)-hardest, every day, to show you it’s true.

    Mr. Cara

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