split wide open

There are moments when you look at something, and truly see it. There is a effervescent exchange when you connect with what you are observing right before your eyes. I have experienced this in my travels around the world, when you feel an emotional affinity to a new place as if you have loved it before. As if you have been loved by it, always.

I bore witness to this again, but in a way perhaps even more intangible.

Today I saw my own heart staring back at me, not in a place that romantically entrancingly new, but in a place I have known all my life. In mountains that I didn’t realize I have been carrying with me all this time.

They’ve held up my bones, and anchored my spirit, and today I saw them outside of my body as I flew out of the desert.

With unexpected + slow rolling tears on my cheeks I recognized the very spine of the mountain ranges as sturdy as the one that carries me through life.

I was introduced to the person I have become by the person that I was. And when they met, my ribs split wide open, and they made room for each other there.

Sometimes, you feel small. When everything around you feels like it’s shrinking, maybe what this really is,

is your expansion.




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